Driver Turbo


Keep your drivers always up to date


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Driver Turbo is an application which will allow us to scan our computer looking for corrupt or out of date drivers, and will recommend us the updates it considers necessary to improve the performance of the different devices.

This application will allow us, before updating anything, to create a security copy of all the drivers we have installed on our computer. This way, if by any chance any of the devices starts giving problems, we can always get the previous version back in a matter of minutes.

Quite interesting as well is the possibility to do all these operations from an interface which is specially designed for all kinds of users.

Driver Turbo detects any brand, model, operating system or hardware device connected to the computer. Like this, detecting each device exactly, it can offer the exact driver version our computer needs. Furthermore, one of the aspects Driver Turbo can be proud of is the speed with which it makes its analysis.
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